Dear Visitor,

As President of ESTAL, the European association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

When the General Assembly appointed me for President for the period 2012-2014, it was with the objective of revitalising and developing the Association. Therefore my presidency so far has been marked by changes and new developments, starting from the Mission of the Association, onto the Vision and the Strategy. Also the statutes have been changed and membership possibilities broadened.

To help the Association in realising it’s  objectives, we have created the position of the ESTAL- Director, a position filled by Mr. Michiel Koot, an experienced professional who leads the Association on a day to day basis and who is ready to answer all your questions and enquiries.

All this has created new dynamics, resulting in a significant increase in membership, lobbying activities and dialogue within our industry.

We held an international Congress in Krakow from 25/9/2013 on to 27/9/2013 at the Sheraton Hotel.  This event was the occasion of the year to get up to date with recent international developments in surface treatment of Aluminium and to meet with colleagues from all over Europe. I am both proud and happy that this Congress lived up to the expectations of the participants and the sponsors of whom some already confirmed there participation in 2015.

As you see, dear Visitor, ESTAL is on the move and has a lot to offer.  So if you are not yet member of our Association do contact our Director by e-mail via. director@estal.org

Kind Regards,


Ivo Vermeeren

President ESTAL



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