ESTAL: New Management, Mission & Vision

European Association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium
New Management
New Mission and Vision

ESTAL represents the aluminium finishing industry in Europe. For ESTAL representation means standing for the shared interests of a modern economic sector with innumerable future prospects.

2012 will be a very important year for our Association. In a time where the entire industrial world is confronted with political, economic and financial crises, ESTAL aims to be an even more important asset for its members. The General Assembly appointed Ivo Vermeeren, Belgium,  for President for the period 2012-2014, it was with the objective of revitalising and developing the Association. His  presidency will be marked by changes and new developments, starting from the Mission of the Association, onto the Vision and the Strategy.

To help the Association in realising its  objectives,  Estal has created the position of the ESTAL- Director, a position filled by Dr. Dieter Brodalla, from Düsseldorf, Germany, an experienced professional who will lead the Association on a day to day basis and who is ready to answer all questions and enquiries.

The Mission of ESTAL is to defend and promote the interests of its members at an international level, to actively contribute towards finding solutions to technical, economic and ecological issues associated with the production and utilisation of surface treated aluminium and to encourage the sharing of knowledge and the development of new technologies among its members.

The Vision is that Surface treatment on aluminium goes way beyond Anodizing and (Powder) Coating. It includes Non-galvanic methods, Chemical methods and Electrolytic methods. Next to applications in architecture and construction, surface treatment on aluminium is also relevant in markets like machine parts, medical equipment, automotive, military, transportation, aerospace, cans and packaging, electronic equipment, furniture, household appliances, sports and leisure industry, and even in jewellery.

It is the Vision of ESTAL to create a platform for all treatments and applications on a European level, implying a dialogue between the industry, its suppliers and its users, both on a local (= national) and European level. ESTAL is to become the reference and acknowledged Authority and Centre of Excellence on a Pan-European level on all issues concerning surface treatment of Aluminium.

It is our Strategy to actively build contacts with all national and international associations in all fields of treatments and applications of aluminium with the aim of establishing membership.

In order to create added value for our members ESTAL will focus on matters like the environment, education & training, standardisation, PR, benchmarking, lobbying, technology, and the sharing of knowledge.

For any information please contact our Director at

Ivo Vermeeren                                                                                                           Dr. Dieter Brodalla

President  ESTAL                                                                                                     Director ESTAL


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